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Posted by on Dec 11, 2015 in Asset, Wealth Management |

Asset and Wealth Management for Expats

Asset and Wealth Management for Expats

As a British expat living in a foreign country, it is natural for you to have concerns about your finances, the right way to invest them and safeguard them effectively. Given that you are in a country that is not your own, there may be a number of aspects in the prevailing financial environment that you are not aware of. Even those British expats who have lived for a number of years in the country may be unfamiliar with all the nuances of the marketplace. This can prove to be a costly lapse if you invest your money in the wrong assets or even if you time your investment wrong. However, it is easy to eliminate this risk simply by partnering with a reputed, expert financial advisor like David Reed from the Oscar Winson Group.

Backed by the extensive marketplace experience of Director David Reed, Oscar Winson has helped several expats manage their finances most efficiently, multiply their savings and enjoy the unique advantages of the foreign country’s special financial market advantages without increasing exposure to risk.

Addressing the tax question

Tax planning is very important irrespective of whether you are living in your home country or you are an expat. It is critical to take the right action at the right time to ensure that your hard earned money does not unnecessarily go into the taxman’s pockets instead of helping you live a quality life. This is relatively easy when you are in your home country and you have access to information about the latest tax rules. Since you have filed your tax returns for years on end here, you are likely to be quite familiar with what is to be done and how and when. This allows you to plan ahead to cut down your tax bill to the maximum without circumventing the law in any way.

However, you definitely cannot have this ease with the tax rules in your adopted country. Owing to this, you may end up not knowing how to plan ahead and invest in tax saving instruments that can trim your total payables. You may be unaware of tax limits and constraints and this means you fail to take full advantage of all available tax rebates. In effect, without an experienced tax advisor guiding you, you could be practically giving away your hard earned money in tax.

Protecting your interests and safeguarding your investments

You have worked hard all your life and built up a nest egg that is your financial cushion for your retirement years. You want to safeguard this nest egg at all costs because your future quality of life depends upon it. If you have substantial assets built up over the years, you also want to ensure that you can pass them on to your heirs. All of this is possible in the most efficient way only when you have comprehensive knowledge about the various laws and regulations that pertain to these assets. While this kind of familiarity may be impossible for you to achieve, we make it our business to know everything about these aspects at Oscar Winson. This is exactly why our British expat clients call in Oscar Winson’s dynamic helmsman whenever they have a decision to make that is connected to asset and wealth management.

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Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Asset, Wealth Management |

3 Main Tips For Asset and Wealth Management for Expats

3 Main Tips For Asset and Wealth Management for Expats

Managing wealth can be difficult as it is, and it even more difficult when you’re an expat. There are so many things that you must think about when you are managing your finances, and there are even more things that you must think about when you are managing your finances as an expat. It is not easy being an expat, since it requires many things. Here are just some of the things that you might learn from living in a foreign country as an expat.

Being An Expat
Living as an expat requires a lot of patience to learn new things and of course the willingness to learn all these things. Also, it requires being able to change and adapt to new situations. When it comes to your finances, you will have to learn a great deal about how to manage them in a foreign country. There will be so many things that you will have to learn and master just to be able to live normally in your new home country. If you want to learn more about managing your finances in a foreign country make sure that you read the following tips.

So, Here’s How To Manage Your Finances In A Foreign Country

1. Hire A Financial Adviser
Perhaps you will feel unable to manage your finances on your own, or you may feel like you need some help to do so successfully. If you want to manage your finances successfully while living as an expat, make sure that you hire a financial adviser. A financial adviser is the most competent person will definitely help you get your finances in order and learn how to function in a foreign country and how to manage your finances successfully. Also, if you have any questions, your financial adviser will be there for you. Getting a financial adviser again not just improve your quality of life and the quality of how your managing your finances, but it will also make your life less stressful and you want have to worry about your finances as long as you have a financial advisor on your side.
2. Control Your Finances
Being able to control your finances is one of the best qualities an adult can have, especially if you want to be a functional member of society. However, not all people have the ability to control their finances equally successful. If you’re unable to hire a financial adviser, but still wanted to be able to manage your finances and get a firm grip over them, make sure that you learn more about controlling your finances in the new environment that you found yourself in. Also, do not despair you don’t manage to manage your finances from the get go, since it requires work, commitment and knowledge.
3. Know When To Invest
Also, it is important to learn how to recognize the opportunity to invest. You will probably find yourself in a situation where are you will be able to invest in property you which is located in a foreign country, and might even find yourself questioning whether you should do it. Make sure that you consider each opportunity carefully and think about it carefully before committing to it and investing.

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