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Living as a British Expat- The Challenges

Living as a British Expat- The Challenges

We hear about an ever increasing number of expats looking to start new lives in a foreign country, finally realizing that the worldwide economic crisis has resulted in a sky-rocketing cost of living, shortage of employment and various other issues.

The story of a couple from the UK, moving into the South of France, and facing problems while being unable to sell the house, owing to a land dispute, is a clear example of some of the challenges that British expats might face all over the world. When the couple were desperate to move back to the UK, the price of houses in their home country was too high and the value of their property in Spain had almost become half of the original.

Common issues faced by British expats

One of the reasons why British seek to move out of the country is to escape the extreme cold in the UK. David Reed from Oscar Winson says that there is a common realization among majority of the British expats that when they shift to another location, they often face a cultural shock. Many of them discover that nobody has an inclination to discuss life as it was before the 1974 revolution. There is simply a lack of connection. British expats might find it hard to find a decent football game to watch in a foreign land and even if they do, it might be very different from their regular Everton versus Arsenal match.

Another common issue faced by British expats is the language barrier. Shifting to a country where the primary language is not English could sometimes create problems in communication.

As far as the cost of living is concerned, a British expat, living in Japan, talking about his experience, says that different shops in Japan might be selling the same product at a different price. According to the financial advisory company, Oscar Winson, in the absence of any base reference, it is difficult to actually gauge if something is expensive or not and what is decent value for money. It takes time for British expats to learn about handling money and buying in the foreign market. But gradually, they learn the ways of life in the new place and the cost of living gets decreased.

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